I try not to be super basic – really, I do *she says while typing a blog post watching Netflix and drinking wine*. It just comes so naturally to me. I love an overpriced cappuccino, I still use Snapchat more than anyone I know, I’m obsessed with Target and there’s no place I’d rather spend Sunday mornings than a trendy diner eating the world’s greatest meal – brunch.

My roommate and I are actually on a mission to eat all the avocado toast there is to offer in Hoboken and Jersey City. Luckily, there’s no shortage of avocados in the greater New York City area. Hence: The Brunch Series. Where I give you all the deets on my favorite brunch spots I explore – from East Coast to West Coast and beyond.

fox & crow jersey city

First up: Fox & Crow in Jersey City, New Jersey. When I first moved to the area I saw this brightly colored exterior and immediately thought this was a tattoo shop. The artsy design and hole-in-the-wall location actually holds one of Jersey City’s favorites: The little hipster pub and parlour.

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