What’s the only thing college students look forward to more than happy hour? Spring. Break. Now, I’ve been dealing with the harsh reality that I’m no longer in college for well over a year now, but I’m still dreaming of tropical skies, tall margaritas and all things Spring Break. I’ve been enviously looking up exciting travel destinations and day dreaming of soaking up the sun in the tropics. Seeing all the amazing Instagrams of big swan floaties, mango cocktails and outrageous scenery from all the travel bloggers I follow got me thinking – when you’re a world traveler, where’s your favorite place to escape to paradise? They’ve experienced a lot of different beach destinations and tropical locations. So, I’m uncovering where travel bloggers go on Spring Break. I asked some of the most well-traveled people I know to spill all the deets.

The Ultimate List of Spring Break Destinations From Travel Bloggers

St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands

where travel bloggers go on spring break

“St. John is one of three main US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. Two things set St. John apart and make it the perfect spring break destination. First, it’s relatively hard to get to (no airport and cruise ships aren’t allowed to dock) so crowds are lighter. Second, 60% of the island is national park, meaning there are tons of unspoiled beaches. One of my favorite spots on St. John is Oppenheimer Beach, a small beach on the island’s North Shore. Oppenheimer is relatively unknown amongst tourists and is basically empty compared to the more famous Trunk Bay Beach and Cinnamon Bay Beach. Aside from having the beach to yourself, there’s a tire swing perfect for swinging into the ocean and helping you snap the perfect Instagram pic.” – Caitlin, The Gramercy Girl 

Siquijor, Philippines

where travel bloggers go on spring break

Siquijor is a small island destination in the Philippines where you can get that disconnected relaxation you have been looking for. The beaches here are some of the most enchanting you’ll see anywhere and will definitely spoil you for white sand. As the sun sets, this gorgeous destination takes on a whole new dimension. Bright oranges, oyster pinks, and lilac purples streak across the sky as the vast, open horizon makes you feel the power of nature.” – Sam and Katherine, When Two Wander 

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

where travel bloggers go on spring break

“Mexico is a beautiful country with countless stunning beaches; one of its best is Playacar Beach in Playa del Carmen. With gorgeous resorts, crystal clear blue water, and a trendy, chic atmosphere, Playa del Carmen makes for the perfect getaway or spring break destination. And while Playa del Carmen is a popular tourist location, it’s much smaller and less crowded than Cancun, conveniently located only 40 minutes from the airport. It’s one of the fastest growing cities in Latin America, and has something for everyone: endless, soft sand beaches, a wide range of restaurants, world-class clubs, vast shopping plazas, and more water sports and excursions than you can dream of – all at ridiculously affordable prices.” – Ian, Escaping Expectation 

Waikiki, Hawaii, USA

where travel bloggers go on spring break

“Although some consider it too busy or too touristy, I absolutely love Waikiki Beach and the Waikiki Beach Strip. It’s the perfect mesh between a lively city and a tropical beach. You’ll get that feel especially if you end up staying in one of the beachfront hotels. There’s tons to do in the area including shopping and restaurants, as well as authentic (and delicious!) Hawaiian food, the aquarium, the zoo, and Diamond Head crater just a bus ride away.” – Genie, Gallivanting Bean

The Algarve, Portugal

where travel bloggers go on spring break

“It doesn’t matter how much you travel the world – there’s no place like home! And being able to call the Algarve my home isn’t such a bad thing, really! I come here every year in all seasons and while the party scene is unreal in the peak of the summer, the Algarve in the Spring offers a sort of serenity I haven’t found in many other places. It’s the best time to avoid the tourist crowds and enjoy the sunny beaches all to yourself.” – Inês, The Wanderlust Factory 

Phú Quốc, Vietnam

where travel bloggers go on spring break

“There are so many beautiful beaches on Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam that you are going to have difficulty choosing a favourite.  My favourite is Long Beach, which is where you will find most of the tourists.  This beach has calm, warm, crystal clear water perfect for swimming in.  There are plenty of cheap beach bungalows dotted along the beach and some great bars and restaurants too.  This is also the perfect spot to watch the sunset.  Just before sunset you will the tourists grabbing the best seats along the beachfront and with cocktail in hand they sit back to enjoy this colourful show put on free of charge by mother nature.  Long Beach is the ideal spot for a fantastic beach holiday.” – Melissa, Thrifty Family Travels

Los Angeles, California, USA

where travel bloggers go on spring break

“Los Angeles, city of the stars is a perfect place to while away a few days over spring break; especially if you’re thinking of chilling out on the various beaches here. My recommendation would be to head to Manhattan Beach (south of Santa Monica). Why? Well, here you will have the opportunity to rent a large house overlooking the beach. Plus during the day, you can eat Mexican food (California is famous for it) and play some sports on the beach with your friends. Combine this with house parties at night and the warm weather (of course), and your spring break will be the most awesome yet!” – Justine, Wanderer of the World

Varkala, India

where travel bloggers go on spring break

“If you’re in the south of India and you want a bit more peace than Goa can offer you then Varkala in Kerala is the perfect choice. Just North of the capital, Trivandrum, Varkala is one of the best beach towns in Kerala, particularly popular with backpackers and yoga enthusiasts. It’s a place to relax, make friends with other travellers and some of the adorable stray dogs that will sit next to your feet in cafés, tan yourself on the beach, and pick up souvenirs from the abundance of craft shops. If you’re after a bit of adventure then you can paraglide off the cliff next to the Helipad (yes Helipad!) or rent a bodyboard for the day and surf the waves before relaxing in the evening with a fresh tender coconut from Coffee Temple, or freshly caught grilled fish and a cocktail from one of the many cafés lining the edge of the cliffs.” – Sarah, The Wandering Welshie 

 Pigeon Point, Tobago

where travel bloggers go on spring break

“Tobago is an ideal place to chill for spring break.  This mellow island paradise in the southern Caribbean is not overly developed or touristy.  It’s most popular beach, Pigeon Point, is known for its aquamarine water but also for a boat tour to the Nylon Pool.  It’s an offshore sandbar where you can wade in crystal clear waters.  Legend has it that it’s a fountain of youth of sorts and I know I was feeling rejuvenated after my visit.” – Cindy, Travel Bliss Now

Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand

where travel bloggers go on spring break

“Ko Pha Ngan is one of the most beautiful places in Thailand and has everything from yoga retreats to zip-line trails and miles of gorgeous beaches. But the BEST beach for a Spring Break trip on this tiny island is definitely Haad Rin, home of Thailand’s famous, monthly Full Moon parties. Aside from how gorgeous this beach is with towering mountainous views and impressive waves, there is just so much to do with bars on every corner and lively parties every night. Head there during a Full Moon (or Half Moon) party where you can party with people from every corner of the world, drink liquor pitchers, jump through fire jump ropes, and dance till the sun comes up.” – Michelle, Maps & Muses

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