Big Little Lies Book Review

Someone has tragically died at the school trivia night. But what actually happened? Who died? And more importantly, who did it?

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty explores what exactly happens behind the closed doors in a pristine beach town in beautiful Australia. What happens when the teachers aren’t looking, when the neighbors are asleep, when the curtains are closed? Everyone has the story they tell, and the story they actually live.

The characters all have their own accounts of what happened on trivia night. While readers are introduced to the tragic night in the first chapter, we’re taken back six months prior to when it all started. The chapters are told by the perspective of the different women involved, and in between we get snippets of the detective interviews where the other parents tell their gossipy accounts of their version of the story, adding an extra level of suspense until we learn more.

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