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Christmas Holidays in Norway. The Baltic Travel Company specialise in organising Christmas Holidays in Norway. We offer a wide range of holiday types and travel to Norway Upcoming Holidays and Festivals in Norway. Many midsummer festivals feature colorful traditional dances. Before planning a trip around a festival, verify the festival dates at the festival's website or with a local tourist information office.

December 24–25: Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (closures) December 26: Boxing Day (closures. Christmas celebration in Norway is a true festival of lights, full of events, with preparations and traditions that last a whole season. White snow and decorations. Christmas food in Norway, the Julebord concept, Christmas Eve. Christmas Traditions in Norway. a festival of light in the darkest part of the year. Which is probably also one of the reasons Christmas Eve became the most important day here, as the 24th is closer to the solstice than the 25th.

Winter festivals in Norway. Winter in Norway is full of events. From December through February, voyagers coming off Norway cruises can experience an exhilarating share of culture, from mini Gingerbread cities to jazz festivals to the Nobel Peace Prize. Christmas Market (Oslo, December) Christmas in Norway. Christmas Eve is the time when presents are exchanged. The gifts are sometimes brought by Santa Claus (called 'Julenissen' in Norway). Presents are also brought by the small gnomes called 'Nisse There are also hobgoblins (Nisse) decorations.

Children pick up the presents from under the Christmas Tree and read the cards. Norwegian Country Christmas The annual Clifton Norwegian Country Christmas has ushered in the holiday season now for thousands of visitors since it began in 1992. Held annually the first weekend of December (Saturday), the event offers a weekend of history and fun for those wishing to fully experience “The Norwegian Capital of Texas.

” Festivals of food, music and films are vital to the Norwegian culture scene. Let our festival guide and calendar lead you through the myriad of Norwegian festivals. From 1997-2008, our bazaar was part of the Royal Norwegian Embassy’s Christmas at Union Station. From 2009-2012, our bazaar was held at the Fairfax Elks Club, and in 2013 it moved to a new location at Christ Lutheran Church in Fairfax, directly across the street from our lodge's home at the Norway House.

Christmas is filled with traditions, rituals and customs based in part on a number of old superstitions that continue today. Old and young, friends and family draw close together through several weeks of festivities. People become more reflective and caring. In ancient times, Christmas was a mid-winter sacrificial feast - a festival of lights marking the transition from the dark winter to.

Overview of holidays and many observances in Norway during the year 2018 Christmas in Norway is a festival of light, seeming to promise longer days and the return of the sun.

Norwegians miss the sun intensely, and they need a spirit boost during those weeks when noon. Annual Events Please note: These events are listed in alphabetical, not chronological, order. the 30-member Norway City Band is the oldest band in the State of Michigan to perform on a consecutive yearly basis. The first Christmas fireworks are set off in the evening, followed by the Christmas parade. And, if your family would like to.

Jul or jol is the term used for the Christmas holiday season in Scandinavia and parts of. . Christmas in Norway · January observances · November observances · December observances · Festivals in Norway · Public holidays in Norway. Saint Lucia's Day, also called the Feast of Saint Lucia, is a Christian feast day celebrated on 13.

In Scandinavia, where Saint Lucia is called Sankta Lucia in Norwegian. in the procession as well, playing different roles associated with Christmas, such as. . Patron saint festivities are held during the month of December. Christmas celebration in Norway is a true festival of lights, full of events, with preparations and traditions that last a whole season.

White snow and decorations. Christmas is approaching at the speed of stampeding reindeer hooves across a brilliant night sky. This means that the traditional Norwegian Christmas fairs are. Of course, there are as many ways to celebrate Christmas in Norway as there are people, but let us introduce you to some traditions and activities that most. Darkness settles on Oslo by late afternoon in December, but festive garlands light up city streets.

(photo: Rick Steves' Europe) Santa Lucia concert, Drøbak. In Norwegian, the event is called Pepperkakebyen Bergen. Since Christmas in 1991, locals and visitors alike gather for this famous, lighted and delicious little.

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