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Funny Sayings. A compilation of funny sayings and short puns - keen and winged words of wisdom - This list can be an inspiration for speeches, letters, greeting cards, weddings, birthdays, and goodbye / farewell. 27 Glorious Newspaper Puns. Sub-editors, we salute you.

Posted on June 17, 2013, 12: 33 GMT Luke Lewis. Probably the most celebrated newspaper pun of all time. Clean Christmas Puns. What did the Gingerbread Man put on his bed? A cookie sheet! How did Scrooge win the football game? The ghost of Christmas passed. Absolutely hillarious Christmas one-liners! The largest collection of Christmas one-line jokes in the world.

All sorted from the best by our visitors. See TOP 10 Christmas one liners. Pun Generator Generate tons of puns! About; Generate puns containing a word! See some funny examples. Find common phrases containing a word! Be the. The 12 Puns of Christmas Eve. Written by The Saturday Morning Canasta Club. Not proud. Most of these are really bad. But remember — it’s actually all about the music. Have a great X-mas and endure these silly puns.

25 Terrible Christmas Puns That'll Make Your Dad So Happy. Merry Christmas, dads everywhere. Nothing is more hilarious than a newspaper butchering an official sounding headline like these 25 Most WTF Newspaper Headlines. California couple decorate their home in festive puns including Michael 'candy' Caine and 'the Rock' around the Christmas tree. pun-by-pun, with a glass of wine in hand.

MORE HEADLINES; Here are 25 examples of holiday email subject lines that shine in the inbox. Home >> Email subject lines >> 25 holiday email subject lines that shine. Although he was probably joking, there’s no doubt that a good holiday pun can grab attention and tickle recipients’ sense of humor. Some of our favorites: Dec 14, 2017 · Kyle Gunderson and his wife Cori Gunderson went above and beyond to make sure their Christmas was as pun-forgettable as possible, by using only puns in.

Some of these are horrible. Enjoy! What do they call Santa's helpers? Subordinate Clauses What do you call Santa Clause after he's fallen into a fireplace? Krisp Kringle Who sings 'Love Me Tender' and makes Christmas toys? Santa's little Elvis Which of. Christmas related titles and fun sayings for scrapbooking layouts, papercrafting projects and handmade cards.

Ho-ho-ho with our collection of funny Christmas jokes. 28 Hilariously Bad Christmas Puns That'll Make You Go Ho Ho Ho. Share. 1. Bad Xmas Puns EMGN1. Source: 40. media. tumblr. com. 2. Bad Xmas Puns EMGN2. Jun 17, 2013. You might need a little help with this one. Juventus - nicknamed the Old Lady - had just beaten Belarusian team FC BATE in a Champions. You want to say the right thing this time of year. Sure, the holidays are full of cheer, but they're also full of group shots, selfies and.

Dec 22, 2011. Christmas is nigh upon us. 25 Clever and Funny Christmas Print Ads. I liked this one not only because of the clever photo and headline but. Generate tons of puns!. Generate puns containing a word! See some funny examples. Funny examples: booty groin weevil.

Find common phrases containing. Explore Carl Crowe's board" Christmas Puns" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Dads, Father and Fathers.

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