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# wattpad# fanfiction Transformers Prime spoofs and bloopers! Need a laugh? Leave it to Team Prime!. TIME FOR CHRISTMAS Find this Pin and more on TRANSFORMERS! ! by. Scavenger, a Transformers SI/OC Fanfic. She knows about Transformers Prime but never got to watch it before she woke up as a Transformer.

Hence the Alchemor took. And luckily, Christmas itself will help him with his fiendish plan! StepFather by Consuelo Higdon. Recommended by Calamity Jane; Status: Complete; Synopsis: Even after all Hot Shot had gone through, in the end, he still had absolutely no.

Starscream's Christmas. it has been said to be the best Transformers Fanfiction ever written. I would have to say that that is true. of Megatron/Optimus Prime. The magic of Christmas made Optimus Prime renew his pledge. They were bagged with a card that read" Transformers Christmas ornament" on one side and" Merry. No vacuum cleaners were harmed in the writing of this fanfic;. Transformers: Prime (4435) Transformers - All Media Types (2072) Transformers Generation One (206) Transformers Fan fiction is the best place for Transformers fan fictional stories like Rise of Light, Fall of Darkness.

Transformers Prime: Rise Of The New Primes Transformers: Prime- New Age Of The Primes, Great War For The Future Of Earth& amp; The Universe Dec 10, 2011. The Autobots and their human friends get into the Christmas spirit!. Rated: Fiction K - English - Family/Friendship - Optimus Prime - Chapters:. Dec 2, 2012. Christmas is just around the corner in Jasper, Nevada. Well the guardians and Optimus did, Ratchet thought it was quite annoying.

What got. Fandoms: Transformers - All Transformers prime christmas fanfic Types, Transformers (Bay Movies), Transformers Animated (2007), Transformers: Shattered Glass, Transformers: Prime Explicit Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con Dec 25, 2014.

Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Family - Arcee, Optimus Prime. I smiled and watched the kids dancing to some Christmas songs. Dec 25, 2015. Takes place in the Transformers Prime universe. I've decided to make a Transformers Ptime Christmas a little scene involving a certain.

Cartoons Transformers/Beast Wars. Follow/Fav A Prime Christmas. By:. Prime comic for inspiring me to write a Christmas Prime story! Browse through and read thousands of transformer fanfiction stories. Just a bunch of one shots between some of my favorite decepticons from Transformers Prime.

Dec 11, 2011. Check it out, even if you don't celebrate Christmas. Rated: Fiction T - English - Friendship/Family - Optimus Prime - Words: 1, 161 - Reviews: 1. Transformers fanfic recommendations. Here on Spacebattles by Mizuki_Stone set just before the first season of Transformers Prime but so far centred around.

Adventure Fanfiction Transformers Transformers Prime Autobots. Shattering the Glass *Transformers Prime* Christmas Break. Christmas was coming up in a few days. Browse through and read thousands of starscream fanfiction stories and books.

A girl of our dimension gets herself trapped inside the world of Transformers Prime. Every series has a Christmas special at some point, and Transformers is no exception. Join me as we look at the many Transformers Christmas specials from acr. Transformers Prime Season 01 Full Episodes BARBER GA;. transformers prime fanfiction transformers prime starscream. transformers prime christmas transformers prime causeway Welcome to Lexicon, one of the biggest archives of Transformers fanfic on the net!.

Transformers: Prime [23] Beast Machines [158] Transformers 2007 Movie [98] Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, to Scavenger, a Transformers SI/OC Fanfic with an author with no clue what in the Matrix he is doing. Now with 1KBestK as. Back in Jasper, Nevada, Jack, Miko, and Rafael were on Christmas break.

Spending time with family, both blood and Cybertronian ones, was on the top of the children's list. Christmas was coming up in a few days, and they were determined to. Dec 24, 2013. A Prime Christmas. Jason's Note: Hello all you Transformers: Prime fans, it's been a while. This is Transformers prime christmas fanfic one-shot sequel to Transcendence, set a. •Transformers Prime FanFiction• •Book Trailer;. Just a bunch of one shots about Transformers Prime.

Will include Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ratchet. A Prime Christmas Jason's Note: Hello all you Transformers: Prime fans, it's been a while. This is a one-shot sequel to Transcendence, set a few months before the next series of Transformers: Prime stories I have planned for the future. So I have a nice Transformers Prime shipping fanfic called Only Human.

The fanfic focuses on Jack and Arcee, who is turned into a human by an Iacon relic. The writing is very nice, with the relationship progressing steadily, and Arcee is depicted as adjusting to humanity, slowly, instead of knowing about everything immediately. Cartoons: Transformers/Beast Wars fanfiction archive with over 29, 507 stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans.

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