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Easy gifts Fun Gifts Creative gifts Homemade Gifts Homemade Christmas Gifts Craft gifts Christmas Crafts Christmas Gift Ideas Neighbor Gifts Forwards Teacher Gift Ideas: cute idea “We flippin love you”. You flippin rock, You’re the flippin best______(insert teacher, dad, friend, lover etc. here) Dec 12, 2010 · Delight your friends and family with gift ideas they will love, including gift ideas for mothers, gifts for men, gift ideas for women, gift ideas for girls, and gift ideas for boys.

You should find gift suggestions from $10 to $10, 000 Dec 03, 2009 · Okay, the Christmas party for my school is on December 16 which is next next week and I really need to start planning on my gifts. I'm only giving around 5 friends and they're all girls since I won't really waste my time on buying gifts for my guy friends but I don't know what to give them.

Nothing cheesy or girly-ish or expensive. Dec 17, 2006 · i need some small gifts under $1 to give to about 10 friends. They are all girls 12-13 years old and they are Christmas gifts for friends yahoo answers extremely close, but they are always there for me.

I was hoping for something cute to do with candy. any ideas would be greatly appriciated. Merry Christmas! ! ! Nov 15, 2010 · Christmas gift ideas for friends? Im 15 and need some nice gift ideas for my closet friends but something more unique than beauty gifts from boots. Any suggestions would be good: ) thankyou Dec 12, 2010 · kayso.

i have to find gifts for my 4 besties and the budget for everyone together is 20 dollars(so about $5 for each person) I can't think of anything to get and it's in less than a week! I'm thinking Christmas gifts for friends yahoo answers goin to dollarama cuz they have likee awesomee things: P but i also want to know other things i can buy or other stores i can go to with.

Dec 05, 2010 · I have four friends i want to give a little christmas gift to before winter break. Something small and easy i can put in their locker. I was thinking a chocolate bar or their favorite candy or something with a little bow wrapped around it and a note saying 'Merry Christmas ____! Nov 26, 2006 · I got very nice gifts for 5 of my best friends, but what can i get for friends who are not my best friends, but people who i have to get something.

I am a high school girl. I want a gift that would be like 5 dollars or so per person. Nov 27, 2008 · i would like to make special personalised homemade gifts for three of my friends, but i dont know what to do. i would like to do it on there intrests. my best friend likes music, and another one likes music and singing and my other friend is intreseted in designing things and writing.

does anyone have any ideas on what i could get them? Sep 26, 2010 · My two bestfriends are 13 and I m looking for the perfect gifts for christmas Friend a. is super kind, she likes pandas, manga, stationary, lollies Friend b. is active, loves sports, drama, ect. is more of a girly girl do you have any gift ideas Jan 08, 2018 · Yahoo Malaysia Answers.

Hi. Normally you don’t give Christmas gifts only to the friends who gave you one. But if you have close friends, you might as well reciprocate if you want. Giving gifts is like a show of love and affections to the person.

So, it depends on the kind of friends that you have. Nov 16, 2007 · Yahoo Malaysia Answers. Account Info; Help; Send Feedback; Society& Culture Holidays Christmas. Next. Do you get Christmas gifts from your Grandparents? If so, what kind of gifts do they give you? If not, at what age did they stop giving you gifts?. i dont even get christmas gifts from my friends. Nsth · 1 decade. Nov 21, 2008 · I need some ideas for a Christmas gift for my best friend.

I dont want to buy her anything because she is into homemade gifts. Any ideas for a homemade christmas gift for her would be appreciated. I made her a scrap book full of pictures last year for the holiday, so I want to do something different. Any ideas are welcome! Nov 15, 2008 · Yahoo 7 Answers Sign in Mail ⚙.

feedback; Society& Culture Holidays Christmas. Next. What christmas presents can i give to my friends? I want to give christmas presents to my friends but i cant think of any! ! ! I want to give them decorations and bookmarks and stuff. Really try to make your gifts personal, it has.

Answers. com ® Categories History, Politics& Society Society and Civilization Holidays and Traditions Christmas What are some good homemade ideas for gifts for friends? SAVE CANCEL already exists. Dec 22, 2007 · Christmas gift for best friend?. Christmas Gifts for friend? Christmas gift ideas for best friend? Christmas gift for friend with a horse? More questions. How many questions about Christmas do you ask on Yahoo Answers on the average year? 6 answers Terms; Dec 15, 2007 · i'm 15 and a half and i like this girl who is 13 and a half and i've liked her for over a year and she liked me back at the start of the year but then she said that her feelings changed but now her friends are saying that she likes me again (and she acts she does at times) so i want to get her a christmas gift but i don't want her to think.

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Hey, I'm 16, so i'm usually looking for something nice, and not too expensive. I'd suggest buying packs of things (for example, little glass love. In college, I gave my best friends a Hallmark keepsake ornament, that represented something special about them. Yeah they are a little pricey.

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