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Planet Candy is Ireland's largest online sweet shop - selling American sweets, retro sweets, chocolate, liquorice, toffee, lollipops, gift hampers and more! The Finest Traditional Sweets And Confectionery, Sweet Hampers And Gift Sweet Jars Make The Perfect Gift. Selling Sweets On-Line In The UK Since 2003.

The Original British Sweet Shop With Fast Delivery And Over 800 Sweets To Choose From. Sweet Hampers. Retro sweet hampers and sweet gift boxes. Huge selection of gift ideas featuring our world famous range of british retro sweets. From retro candy favourites to luxurious chocolates and biscuits, our Christmas sweet hampers are the perfect Christmas sweet hampers for anyone with an insatiable sweet tooth! Find great deals on eBay for christmas sweet hampers. Shop with confidence. Hampers, Jars& Gifts - our specialty is beautifully packaged, gorgeously presented gift boxes and wicker hampers of retro& old fashioned sweets.

Christmas Sweets And Retro Confectionery Gifts - all with fast UK delivery. For all your candy canes, sweet hampers and festive treats.

Swizzels is the home of the retro sweet hamper and as you'll see from our offering we've got lots to choose from with personalisation on many products in the range. With traditional wicker hampers as well our brand new Swizzels-branded packaging there's truly something for every budget and occasion. Sweet Hampers We all know at least one person with a sweet tooth and there's no better way of spoiling them than with one of our top quality sweet or chocolate hampers. Each hamper includes a variety of sweets and we even have a special Haribo hamper for those who love the soft, sweet and chewy treats.

Browse a variety of chocolate and retro sweets hampers from brands including Green& Blacks, Blueberry and Retro Sweet Drop. Find a wide range of seasonal produce, festive flavours and gift ideas in our selection of Christmas hampers. Sweet Hampers and Chocolate Hampers select from our massive range.

They make fantatic gifts. we specialise in Brithday chocolate hampers and Thank You Sweet hampers. Why not treat them to one of our Champagne or Prosecco chocolate hampers. You can choose free delivery within 2-3 days, free next day, free named day and free pre-Christmas for delivery just before Christmas. The services available to your chosen delivery address will be displayed at checkout, not all services are available outside of the UK mainland.

Add a little extra joy to their day with our range of sweet hampers filled with delicious, glorious treats. Compare the different hamper packages online. A fantastic selection of Christmas sweet gifts, including unique sweet bouquets and sweet hampers perfect for all the family. We have hundreds of different retro sweet hampers and gifts to choose from. gorgeous hand made chocolates, a chocolate hamper or quirky chocolate gift. At Christmas time this category also contains great Christmas gift hamper classics such as mince pies, Xmas puddings and Panettone.

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