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In some countries, Christmas decorations are. The custom of sending them has become popular among a wide cross. Other Christmas cards are more secular. The Hague – Sending Christmas cards is an old tradition and undeniably contributes to the spirit of Christmas and New Year.

PostNL compared the traditions surrounding the sending of Christmas cards in 18 European countries. Last year, the American Greeting Card Association compiled numbers from European countries and Canada to estimate how many people send out traditional Christmas cards today. The numbers showed that Europeans and Canadians still sent an average of 11 cards per year, while Americans only sent 8 per household per year.

If you want to send cards for major holiday seasons other than Christmas, try sending general seasonal cards rather than holiday cards: a springtime card instead of Easter, for instance. Cards for national holidays are appropriate for any citizens of the country celebrating.

If you do business internationally, take time to research the major holidays in the countries you do business with. In the UK, Christmas cards account for almost half of the volume of greeting card sales, with over 668.

9 million Christmas cards sold in the 2008 festive period. In mostly non-religious countries (e. g. Czech Republic), the cards are rather called New Year Cards, however they are sent before Christmas and the emphasis (design, texts) is mostly given to the New Year, omitting religious symbols. Christmas as we know it today is aVictorian invention of the 1860s. Probably the most celebrated holiday in the world, our modern Christmas is a product of hundreds of years of both secular and religious traditions from around the globe.

Christmas card, form of greeting card usually sent by mail as an expression of goodwill at Christmastime. Although many cards display religious symbols or themes, secular winter motifs are equally popular. The practice of sending Christmas cards, which has been followed in all English-speaking countries, is growing in many others.

Christmas is also a time of singing carols, songs that come from folk songs and ballads. Most of the carols we sing today were written in the 1800s. “Silent Night, Holy Night” is the most popular song. It is sung all over the world. Many Christians attend mass on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Other traditions include carol singing – many carols are sung by children on people's doorsteps and by professional choirs – and sending Christmas cards.

In public, there are decorations and lights in most shops, especially in town centres, and even in Indian and Chinese restaurants.

The History of the Christmas Card. several other prominent Victorians had simply copied his and Horsley’s creation and were sending them out at Christmas. Don't let those old cards sit around and become clutter.

Find out where to donate used Christmas cards and greeting cards to worthwhile charities or other places in your community. I'll confess I kill a few trees every year sending out greeting cards to my grandkids, kids.

It's Time To Stop Sending Greeting Cards. By Laurie Levy. 550. 43. How the tradition of sending Christmas Cards started and the history of Christmas Cards. For other uses, see Christmas card (disambiguation). For similar custom in less religious countries, see New Year Card. Norwegian Christmas card. A 19th- century American Christmas card. A Christmas card is a greeting card sent as part of the traditional celebration of Christmas in.

Modern Christmas cards can be bought individually but are also sold in. How the tradition of sending Christmas Cards started and the history of. The custom of sending Christmas cards was started in the UK in 1843 by Sir Henry Cole.

Nowadays, cards have all sorts of pictures on them: jokes, winter pictures. Dec 9, 2015. Unlike many holiday traditions—can anyone really say who sent the. The most popular Christmas card of all time, however, is a simple one. Dec 18, 2017. “I'm a great believer in sending Christmas cards, ” says William Hanson, an etiquette coach. “It's a nice thing to do, especially in the digital world. cardboard, posted within the UK and recycled at the other end – is still around 140g.

. New Year's cards (popular in francophone countries) to more, but the. Sir Henry Cole commissioned the first Christmas. The Christmas card designed by Horsley. depicted a robin delivering Christmas mail. Other 4. 5%. : // cards These cards were not saved for simply family and friends, but for all other people. Most families are opting for family picture cards that they can print on their own.

Apparently, sending out Christmas cards is becoming a tradition that is dying out. Greeting Card Association compiled numbers from European countries and. Easy to read information and facts on Christmas Card traditions and customs in England and other countries in Britain. People around the world send Christmas Cards to their friends and family. cards showed religious pictures of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus, or other parts of the Christmas story.

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