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Top 10 Visitor Attractions in London;. Open House London: A Weekend of Architecture. Events What to Do in London at Christmas London attractions open on Christmas Day. more about transport and London attractions open during christmas times over the festive season with our essential guide to Christmas and New Year in London, and discover what else is on during Christmas in London.

Explore by category. All Christmas; Tickets, hotels and offers. Theatre tickets. Attraction tickets. Oct 13, 2007 · Christmas and New Year Opening Times for major attractions Oct 13, 2007, 1: 30 PM Right, it's that time of year again to detail when london's major attractions will be closed over the Christmas period. Things to do on Christmas Day in London. Hampton Pool, which is open from 8am to noon on Christmas Day. Waterproof Santa hat optional. Find more fun during the festive period. Discover our guide to Christmas in London 2018.

Art Music Hotels Attractions Video News Shopping Time Out Escapes Time Out. our guide to Christmas 2018 in London. Top Things to Do in London at Christmas. By Laura Porter. Updated 03/14/18. Share Pin Email 01 of 10. and Christmas markets and fairs pop up throughout the city during the holiday season.

Spirit of Christmas Fair: October 30 through November 5. Open House London. Find fun things to do in London on Christmas Day - a magical time to explore this city! Discover museums, river cruises, concerts, guided walks, & more!.

Here is a list of pubs open during Christmas Day: The Founders Arms in Southwark (open from. Things to do in London during Christmas day. As many of the attractions and places are closed. Holidays& Closing Days. Luckily for visitors, a vast majority of London attractions remain open on bank holidays with the exception of Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. Upcoming bank holidays in England and Wales (source: Visit London) 2017. 1 January: This guide to London at Christmas features unique festive events, and event covers what's open in London on Christmas Day.

Please note: the events here took place over Christmas 2017. Discover the best Christmas events and attractions in London with the help of LondonTown. Phone on 020. Chanel and kikki. K which all open for their first Christmas season.

London Christmas Markets and Fairs. During summer, Easter and Christmas holidays, queue times may exceed 90 minutes. We recommend arriving at least 45 minutes before the advertised closing time to allow for security checks. 1 October: Open. Sep 16, 2014 · Is Cambridge open during Christmas? Sep 16, 2014, 12: 02 AM Hi there, I am planning a trip for 2 to London during Christmas (23/12-27/12), since most of the attractions are close in London, we are planning to go to Cambridge on London attractions open during christmas or 26/12.

The rinks at Winterville and Winter Wonderland also remain open on Boxing Day, along with the fairgrounds and festive attractions. Have a Christmas Drink in a London Pub A cosy London pub could be the perfect place to spend the 25th. 1 Day Hop on Hop off Bus Tour - Christmas Day Christmas Eve in London with Dinner& Midnight Mass You're here: Home » Christmas Day in London » One Day Hop on Hop off Bus Tour - Christmas.

Dec 25, 2015. London's main attractions are closed on Christmas Day, with the exception of London's Royal Parks which are all open on 25 December. Jan 30, 2018. Looking for things to do this Christmas Day in London?. heated) Hampton Pool, which is open from 8am to noon on Christmas Day. Boxing Day in London is a great time to visit some of London's best attractions, who fire.

If you're spending Christmas Day in London, make you sure you read our list of restaurants, attractions and pubs that are open on the 25th December! Dec 7, 2015. Christmas doesn't always mean turkey 'round the table with relatives, and if this year, you're doing it differently, this is a great time to visit. City Cruises run events on Christmas Day in London. JW3: JW3 Jewish Centre in Finchley is open on Christmas Day, with events including a Families Winter. Dec 17, 2017.

With many people taking an extended break over Christmas, it helps to know which museums are going to be open so that you can have some.

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