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" Saturday Night Live" Christmas special includes 19 of the early Christmas classic parodies like" Christmas Eve at the White House" with Chevy Chase as President. Video. Sweeney Sisters Bells Medley" Jan Hooks was never better than when she was a Sweeney Sister Sep 05, 2006 · Get YouTube without the ads.

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The Sweeney Sisters (now& off-screen): Nora Dunn, and Jan Hooks with her husband, Tom. This may be a bit retro for some of you folks, but I received this YouTube link today from a friend and it. I LOVE the Sweeney Sisters, and I can’t tell you Sweeney sisters christmas youtube many times I have busted out the bell medley at Christmas time.

or well. anytime! ! LOVE IT! I would put money on the fact that you secretly wish you could write for SNL and are convinced that you could bring the show back to what it should be! ! Here's a clip from an SNL Christmas Sweeney sisters christmas youtube displaying the Sweeney Sisters' amazing talent. Just in time for the holidays.

Dec 10, 2009 · SWEENEY SISTERS CHRISTMAS MEDLEY: Liz and Candy Sweeney sing a special Christmas medley for all of their friends. (Shatner, Brown, Dunn, Hartman, Hooks, Jackson, Lovitz, Nealon, Marc Shaiman) Dec 10, 2009# 11 Sweeney Sisters' Christmas Medley Hooks and Dunn bring the Sweeney Sisters to a Christmas party and wow the guests with their vast knowledge of all the season's finest songs.

FACEBOOK Watch Saturday Night Live highlight 'Singing Sisters' on NBC. com Jan Hooks and Nora Dunn as a lounge-singer sister act, weaving show tunes and cheesy pop standards into their own private language.

The comic brilliance is all in their expert timing. Jan Hooks: Her 6 Best SNL Sketches. Hooks is perhaps best known for her role as Candy Sweeney, one half of the singing Sweeney Sisters, whom she played opposite Nora Dunn. The duo would.

The Sweeney Sisters (Jan Hooks, Nora Dunn, Marc Shaiman. Season's Greetings From Saturday Night Live (Christmas is Number One) (Horatio Sanz, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Kattan. Saturday Night Live characters appearing on Weekend Update. NOTE: You thought we forgot the Sweeney Sisters, didn’t you? WE WOULD NEVER! WE WOULD NEVER! It’s just that there are no high quality copies of any of the 10 Sweeney Sister.

The Sweeney Sisters are a duo of party singers, Candy Sweeney (played by Jan Hooks) and her sister Liz (played by Nora Dunn). They normally sing cover medleys of pop standards in very high-pitched voices, a la Nick the Lounge Singer. Aug 16, 2015. December 19, 1987 Jan Hooks, Nora Dunn, Paul Simon RIP Jan Hooks (April. Dec 22, 2011. (Watch Online + Download Link) Sweeney Sisters Bells Medley ( facebook video link ) The Sweeney Sisters (SNL Transcript) Candy Sweeney.

Dec 20, 2014. Watch Saturday Night Live highlight 'Singing Sisters' on NBC. com. Oct 9, 2014. Hooks and Dunn bring the Sweeney Sisters to a Christmas party and wow the guests with their vast knowledge of all the season's finest songs.

Oct 9, 2014. Jan Hooks on" Saturday Night Live" as one of the Sweeney Sisters, with Paul Simon. NBC. Jan Hooks on" 30. Sweeney Sisters Christmas clip. Dec 19, 2007. would love to find the Sweeney Sisters Christmas skit. I think I hit your blog last year, but Youtube had already banned the video (mostly due.

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