Tone It Up Bikini Series: Week 2

Week 2 Bikini Series Tone It Up

Sticking to a fitness plan is never easy – and sticking to a nutrition plan for me is usually even harder. That’s why I love the Tone It Up program so much. Not only have they taught me the basic nutrition skills to eat a diet that will keep me full and satisfied, they are super realistic about sticking to the plan. In fact, they even build it into the plan! A glass of wine is okay – and they don’t believe in “cheating,” they call it “living your life” which I can totally get behind. Sticking to week one of the Tone It Up Bikini Series meal plan at first was a breeze, but quickly got harder than I anticipated.

But luckily, they equip you with all the tools you need to stay on track. My days one through five of my meal plan were pretty consistent. It wasn’t until the weekend rolled around that I found it harder! Which in retrospect, isn’t surprising. I knew I was going to a comedy show on Friday night where I would have a glass of wine. I should have prepped my day to eat my Meal 4 snack later in the evening to hold myself over until after the show. Alas, I ordered the tortilla chips and guacamole and split it with my friend. Though, I did ask if they had cucumbers so I could eat cucumbers with guacamole instead – but they didn’t have any(?). A for effort though, right?


Saturday I went home to see my parents for Mother’s Day which was so nice! The day turned out to be consistent and on-track. At lunch with my dad, I strategically chose Ruby Tuesdays for access to the Salad Bar. I got that with a side of green beans, zucchini and broccoli – sauteed in oil, not butter! (Go me!) However, at dinner with my mom – we went to a fish restaurant that had limited choices and I’ll be honest all the salads looked gross and really hard to modify to be vegan. So, I caved and had a pasta dish with pesto sauce. Though I did ask for the vegetables in the dish to be sauteed in oil and not butter. However, it was certainly not Tone It Up Bikini Series approved.

The best advice I ever received when it comes to eating came from my girls Katrina & Karena. I always thought as soon as I slipped up with sweets or a gluttonous lunch – my day was over. Oh, well guess it’s my cheat day today! The next day I still felt crappy and had an “I’ll start on Monday” mentality. But with the Tone It Up nutrition plan and the Tone It Up Bikini Series in particular I learned it’s important to look meal-by-meal and not day-by-day.

After a bad Saturday, I bounced back on Sunday and found myself back in the swing of things on Monday again – ordering a salad while my boyfriend at a beautiful pizza (sad) and I even cooked up a spaghetti squash with tomato sauce for dinner to satisfy my Italian food craving.

So far, Tuesday has been decent but I can definitely find some room for improvement. Those unreal dark chocolate quinoa gems my sister bought me for an early birthday gift are proving tempting – but the rest of the week I’m determined to resist the urge.

This week’s goal is also to drink 90 ounces of water a day – I think I drink a lot every day but 90 ounces is SO MUCH. The rest of the week I am determined and looking for some tips to stay hydrated and healthy. This week at work I have clients coming to the office and some out-of-office event and dinners, but I’m still looking to have a great week by preparing in advance.

Last week, my workouts went will but I’m committed to not missing a workout this week!

Here’s what my workout schedule looked like last week: 

  • Monday: One-hour Jane DO class
  • Tuesday: Arms + Cardio
  • Wednesday: One-hour hot yoga and TIU Daily Moves
  • Thursday: Booty + Abs
  • Friday: Arms + Cardio
  • Saturday: 🙁
  • Sunday: HIIT, Arms + Abs
  • Monday: 30 Minute Walk

See my week two meal plan below! 

Week 2 Bikini Series Tone It Up

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