Bikini Series: 8 Weeks To Tone It Up

I’ll never complain about the weather getting warmer, but I will always complain when I think the bathing suits are coming out too soon in Target. All those winter brunches and extra carbs seem to be catching up and it’s time for a major lifestyle shift. Last summer, I bought a Tone It Up meal plan and seriously loved it. They have a bunch of challenges and programs that are super positive and constructive – and not to mention the most important part – realistic. 

Tone It Up is a brand started by two badass ladies, Katrina and Karena. These two ladies met each other and the gym, became fast friends and realized they had a mutual goal – they wanted to build a community of women who inspire each other to be their best selves. Sounds corny and like total marketing speak, but one minute spent on their social platforms or on their website and you’ll see that it’s legit.

The website features select recipes and workouts, but if you purchase the nutrition plan just once you get access to every individual nutrition program and challenge they offer, with tons of tasty and healthy recipes. Not to mention, they recently released an app that has a library full of quick, effective workouts and a virtual Studio where you can take classes with girls around the U.S.

Kat and I are freakin' out over here!!!! 🎉🎉🎉 It's finally time! For the past year & a half, we’ve been dreaming up something SO special for you ~ Your NEW Tone It Up APP!!!! 📲💗🤸🏼‍♀️ Over lots of matcha meetings, we envisioned a place where we can all come together in one spot to connect, work out, cheer each other on, & take our fitness experience to the next level as a community!! Welcome to Studio Tone It Up!! 👯👟💪🏼 At the Studio, you can take fitness classes w/ your girlfriends including toning, HIIT, barre, dance, yoga, boxing, & so many more to come…every week there will be brand new classes! You'll also get to meet your amazing new Studio Tone It Up Trainers & connect with TIU girls from all around the world~ and local to YOU!!! How cool is that?!?! 🙈🤗You're going to love it!!! 🤸🏼‍♀️💃🏼 Download your app at the link in our bio 👉🏼 @ToneItUp 📲💕😽 #StudioToneItUp PS- finishing up all the Android versions! Coming soon! Xxxo

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Now, I assure you – I do not have enough followers for this to be #sponsored, I just genuinely love this program and their platform. A big perk for me specifically is that there are versions of the nutrition programs for every diet type – regular, pescatarian, vegetarian, gluten-free, gluten-free vegetarian, and vegan.

I’ve been a vegan for about six months now, and just from this change in diet I felt so much healthier and started to notice I was getting more toned. However, I realized quickly it’s easy to be vegan and unhealthy. Pringles are vegan, for example. As I started realizing veganism was turning into an unhealthy habit, I started reaching for my Tone It Up vegan recipe guide to start making myself more nutritious meals.

Now that summer is right around the corner, I’m challenging myself to the Tone It Up 8 Week Bikini Series. So starting this week (Monday to be exact), I’m holding myself accountable and blogging about my experience hopefully to keep me motivated to NOT quit.

I’ll work on weekly updates on what my meals look like and what my workouts are – and on my epic fails that I’m sure are bound to come!

So feel free to join me and my gals Karena and Katrina (lol they don’t know me) on the 8-week Tone It Up Bikini Series!

So what will the next 8-weeks look like for me? 

  • Five meals a day that focus on Lean, Green & Clean eating
  • Drinking my body weight in ounces daily
  • Working out daily
  • Getting at least  7.5 hours of sleep per night (hopefully)
  • Saying goodbye to fried foods and white carbs and candy
  • Limiting starches after lunch (this will be hard for me – I’m a carb-aholic and love potatoes)
  • 2 or fewer alcoholic beverages no more than 3 days a week (I usually only drink once a week if that, but usually have more than two….)

I’ll start sharing some recipes, too – but first here’s a look at my week one meal plan!


tone it up bikini series meal plan - week 1


Here’s to 8 weeks of awesome and let me know if you have any questions on week one’s schedule! 

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