Fall Festivities: 6 Things You Have To Do This Fall

One of my favorite quotes I saw at this season was, “Happy force your boyfriend to go apple picking season!” It made me laugh so much because it’s so true. Sometimes when the weather gets colder it’s hard not to just curl up with a blanket and Netflix and call it a night. To break that habit before it even begins, here are 6 things you have to do this fall to make it the best season yet.

Fall Festivities: 6 Things You Have To Do This Fall

Find a festival.

6 Things You Have To Do This Fall - fall festivals near meYou’d be surprised how many fall-themed festivals take place near you. No matter what you’re looking for, you can find a town near you celebrating something!

Pumpkin carving.

6 Things You Have To Do This Fall - pumpkin patchBecause, duh! You can’t talk about the best things to do in fall without adding pumpkin carving into the mix. Whether you make a day out of pumpkin picking or just head to the grocery store to pick one up, there’s no way you can miss out on carving a pumpkin this year.

Visit a new city.

6 Things You Have To Do This Fall - travelIf you’re anything like me, you’re always itching to travel somewhere new. Instead of planning a big trip with overnight stays, find a town near you and take a day trip. You won’t regret taking in everything a new place has to offer, especially with the beauty of fall foliage all around you.

Go wine tasting.

6 Things You Have To Do This Fal - wine tastingWine tasting in the fall just seems right. Visit a vineyard near you for breath taking views and delicious samplings of wine. Wine harvest season runs from August to October in the Northern Hemisphere and February to April in the Southern Hemisphere. This is going to be the times when you can most likely stomp grapes at vineyards!

Visit an orchard.

6 Things You Have To Do This Fall - orchardSupporting local farms and businesses is really important! I love that this time of year so many people gather at local orchards for fresh apple cider and pumpkin baked goods. This season, make a day out of visiting one of your local orchards – go apple picking, pick out pumpkins or take a hayride.

Go for a drive.

6 Things You Have To Do This Fall - foilageGenerally speaking, I tend avoid taking the windy backroads, but not this time of year. Take a different route one day to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage autumn has to offer. You won’t regret it!

Tell me what your favorite fall activities are below!

6 Things You Have To Do This Fall

21 thoughts on “Fall Festivities: 6 Things You Have To Do This Fall

  1. When my husband and I used to live in North East Georgia we would go to the wineries. There are several there. They all have amazing views and wonderful wine. It is such an incredible experience. Unfortunately in Florida there are not too many wineries. There are a lot of breweries which is still fun!

    Elizabeth Ann // http://www.lovedoinglife.com

    1. Sounds like lots of fun! I’ve always wanted to visit Georgia. I bet the weather there is gorgeous! Thanks for the comment, Elizabeth!

    1. I carved my pumpkins a bit too early this year – they were all wilted by the time Halloween came around! That’s okay though, it was still tons of fun. I also need to get some traveling in. Unfortunately my next trip isn’t until December, but I’m hoping to get some long weekends in 🙂 Thanks for the comment, Alexandra!

  2. I was sad that I didn’t carve any pumpkins this year. I have quite a few festivals that I want to attend that are coming up. I visited a Winery once and I loved it! Hopefully I’ll get to go to another one soon. Love all of the activities you picked out!

    1. Thanks for the comment! Unfortunately, I carved mine a bit too early and it was all wilted by the time Halloween came around! 🙁

  3. These are great ideas! I haven’t been to an orchard in years and wine tasting is definitely on my list! I will have to remember these for the future. Of course, I’m single so they will be girl trips as opposed to dates but I am totally fine with that! Happy Fall!

  4. Wine tasting! Yes! I think I do a lot of this in the summer and fall. I just found a wonderful hard cider nearby that is fantastic.

    I really love the list. Now I need to find a festival. Hope it isn’t too late. Lol

    1. Thanks for the comment, Chel! I love wine tasting so much! I was never a fan until I visited Napa Valley last year, and now I’d say it’s one of my favorite outings for sure! :p Definitely try and find a festival… so much fun & food 🙂

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