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Christmas in July is a time-honored mid-summer party favorite. In the summer's hottest month, people pretend it's Christmas—complete with a tree, gift exchange, and hearty meal. 4) Viva Las Vegas Event Theme. Image Ref: Pinterest. Why not add some Vegas Glam to this year’s celebrations with a fun-filled, ostentatious, loud and proud Las Vegas themed Christmas Party.

Dress code is simply dress to impress. Think slinky cocktail dresses, statement jewellery and killer heels. Party Theme: Santa Claus Is Coming to Town Exchange sweets — and celebrate St. Nick — at this casual cookie swap. The jolly, festive touches: a keep-the-faith mantel banner, a sled turned dessert.

Christmas for Brisbane Kids is an exciting and magical time steeped in family traditions and special memories, from the annual hanging of festive decorations to the tasty treats shared with loved ones. Themes For Parties. Make your next party a memorable one. Why have a theme for your party? Whether you’re organising a birthday party, an office party, a Christmas party, or just a get together with friends, having a theme inspires conversation and builds memories.

At our pacman party. Christmas and Holidays Party Themes Breathe some new life into your Christmas and holidays party this year with a new take on an old tradition! Here are some of our favourite holiday party themes. Find and save ideas about Christmas party themes on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Christmas birthday party, Christmas party decorations and Christmas parties. Find this Pin and more on Australia Party Ideas by Sassaby Parties. Watermelon Sea Turtle so cute for fruit salad!

Great for a beach, ninja turtle, or little mermaid themed parties! Watermelon Sea Turtle I made for& graduation party. 10 Fun Alternative Themes for Your Office Christmas Party by Steff Green, on 7 December 2015 SUBSCRIBE NOW Another year over, another office Christmas function to organise.

Kick off the holiday season with one of these Christmas party themes. From adults only to including the whole family, browse our 40+ ideas. 3. Unique Holiday Party Theme: Nightmare Before Christmas. This theme gives the holidays an entirely different look and feel, which is wonderful for those hosts and guests who are a bit worn out from the traditional holiday and Christmas party themes.

Channel. 2 Christmas party themes need to be about all things snow. and cold Unless you’re partying in the southern hemisphere, that is, where Christmas may be running during their summer months. Like in Australia. 31 Genius Holiday Party Themes You Haven’t Seen Before. by Laurel Stavros. If you’re looking to give your yearly Christmas potluck a makeover, look no further than this slideshow.

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