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@SteamDB Being able to view another persons personal details is a massive security issue, it may not be a breach but its a security issue. 1 reply 0 retweets 1 like Reply Watch video · Your guide to the next Steam Sale, including all the latest news, rumours and leaks regarding the Steam Summer Sale 2018, plus all the latest on.

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On Christmas Day, Steam users woke to a bewildering series of problems. Users reported seeing wish lists, game libraries, and personal account information that wasn’t their own. Email addresses, partial credit card numbers, and phone numbers were all shared, with no explanation of why or how.

Remember that Steam hack at Christmas?. ON-DEMAND GAMING OUTFIT Steam has reportedly just got round to informing its customers about a breach on. 31 August 2018 Remember back on Christmas Day.

tagged with account breach, breach, christmas, it's about. 2018) Survival sandbox Scum hits Steam early access on August 29. Into the Breach Not every top steam game is an epic open world title that would sell for $60 on PS4 and Xbox One. Into the Breach is an elegant sci-fi strategy blast you can play on your lunch break at work.

In the Christmas just past, it was Steam users who felt the burn. Christmas Day 2014 Steam breach christmas 2018 Lizard Squad wreck the heads of Xbox and Playstation users, by throwing wave after wave of requests to the backend on which gamers rely. Millions of Steam users were met with a nasty surprise on Christmas day as an apparent caching issue on the popular gaming service gave users limited access to random accounts.

Logging in to Steam on 25 December, saw users apparently ‘signed in’ as a random Steam account. PC gamers had a rather unhappy Christmas this year, as gaming hub Steam was affected by some extreme account vulnerability errors. Almost a week later, Steam operator Valve has explained what happened.

On 25 December, some Steam users began noticing strange things happening on the service. Find out when the next Steam Sale will start with this beautiful countdown timer. Mar 3, 2016. In the middle of Steam's winter sale, roughly users had personal information exposed to other users. The breach was unusual. Dec 30, 2015. We'd like to follow up with more information regarding Steam's troubled Christmas. What happened. On December 25th, a configuration error.

Mar 4, 2016. ON-DEMAND GAMING OUTFIT Steam has reportedly just got round to informing its customers about a breach on its systems that occurred at. Dec 31, 2015. Valve finally explains Christmas Steam attacks. short period, as Valve attempted to fix what was rapidly appearing like a huge security breach. Jan 3, 2016. After nearly a week's radio silence, gaming hub Steam has spoken about the hack it experienced on Christmas Day, reports ExtremeTech.

Dec 31, 2015. On Christmas Day, Steam users woke to a bewildering series Steam breach christmas 2018. wait weeks or months before disclosing the extent of a data breach. Dec 30, 2015. Steam Valve Online gaming platform Steam had a big Christmas Day.

To decode that a little, Steam is saying that the hack attack tried to.

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